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Why Choose Us?

Here at Rip Dip Fishing we strive to provide excellent baits for your tackle box. We know the importance of a quality bait to endure all different underwater terrain and toothy swimmers that come for a bite. These are built by a passionate angler for passionate anglers. We hope that you enjoy these baits, just as much as we do. As Charles Waterman once said, "Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.” Let our baits be your guide. 

About Us

Jake Plautz


We all imagine a time, where the water is calm, the wind is light, and the fish are biting. That is why I have stepped into this exciting venture to braid my passion for fishing into my everyday life. I spend most of my time fishing inland lakes near my home in Commerce Township, Michigan. I found my love for walleye fishing just a few years back and since I have been fully emerged in trying to catch them any way possible. From small lakes to rivers, streams to our Great Lakes, my goal is to enjoy our waters as much as my life will allow. 


While we continue to expand our business, we are currently selling our products online. 

You may also find them at Lakes Area Bait Shop in Wolverine Lake, MI. 

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